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Both conservatorships and guardianships are formal court-monitored processes. A conservatorship proceeding is necessary when an adult can no longer manage his or her finances or care for himself or herself. In the court case, a judge appoints another person to make decisions for the adult.

Guardianships, in contrast, involve children. The judge decides issues of custody and may appoint an individual to manage the income or property left through an inheritance or probate until the child turns 18.

Proper estate planning can often avoid these types of court proceedings. Speak with attorney Susan Borquez at 805-603-4518 to start the estate planning process.

How Can You Avoid A Conservatorship?

financial power of attorney designates whom you want to handle your finances if you are not able to do so without needing court supervision. An advance health care directive similarly appoints another person to make medical care decisions when you cannot because of an illness or injury.

The timing of an illness or injury that limits your abilities is often sudden. If your loved one did not have these documents in place, our law firm can assist your family with a necessary conservatorship proceeding.

Guardianship Proceedings

Empowering Your Legacy

Wills and trusts are estate planning tools that designate whom you want to take care of your children and how property and assets will be managed on their behalf, rather than leaving it up to a court. We can assist with drafting these documents. If your loved one did not have an estate plan, we are able to walk you through the guardianship process.

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