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Estate Administration

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Estate Administration Basics

Did a loved one designate you as the administrator or executor of his or her estate in a Will? What are the responsibilities of an administrator? How does the estate administration process work? Seeking help from an experienced lawyer is the best way to get the answers that you need.

Attorney Susan Borquez has more than 30 years of experience helping families with probate and estate administration in Moorpark and across Ventura County, California. Her law office is devoted to assisting you through an emotionally taxing time after the death of a loved one.

Mastering Estate Finances

A Detailed Accounting Of An Estate

The requirements for administering estate assets and property might be controlled by a Will and trust or may require a probate proceeding if there is no Will or Trust. Assets accidentally left out of a trust may also necessitate a probate.

In general, an administrator or executor follows this process:

  • Gathers detailed information about existing assets and debts of the estate
  • Pays the debts
  • Distributes the remaining assets

When administering an estate as part of a probate, there are often additional filing requirements and deadlines.

Our firm also provides estate planning services intended to reduce the burdens of estate administration. We are also able to assist you in choosing a qualified administrator.

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Assistance With Estate Administration

If you need help administering an estate or have questions about the process, Susan Borquez can assist you. To schedule a free initial consultation at our Camarillo office, call (805) 482-3738 or send a message online with times that work best for you to meet with us.
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