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Financial Powers of Attorney

Camarillo, California


The Benefit of a Financial Power of Attorney

If you are in the hospital and unable to communicate after an accident, who will take care of your finances? Slipping financial skills often indicate a decline in an elderly relative.

A financial power of attorney names another person who can step in and handle your finances when you are no longer able. This document can ease the stress your loved ones face at a challenging time. A Financial Power of Attorney can avoid the need for a conservatorship.

With more than 30 years of legal experience, Susan Borquez can help you through the estate planning process, which generally includes drafting a financial power of attorney. Her law firm assists families in Moorpark and throughout Ventura County, California.

Based on our experience, we can customize an estate plan that meets your needs at a reasonable cost. Call our office today at 805-603-4518 to start the planning process.

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Empowering Your Finances

In addition to access to banking accounts, a financial power of attorney will allow your loved one to speak with the Social Security Administration, file taxes and complete real estate transactions on your behalf.

You will not just leave our office with a stack of documents. We will ensure you understand what you have in place and are able to communicate effectively with loved ones. The best-drafted documents are of little value if they cannot be quickly accessed in a crisis.

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Planning is often the key to protecting loved ones. Susan Borquez can answer all of your questions about a financial power of attorney. Call us to schedule an appointment at (805) 482-3738. You can also reach us online. There is no charge for an initial consultation.
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